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Membership Options & Fees


Gulf  Coast Region Memberships 2022-2023 Club Season

Note: There will be a separate USAV and Gulf Coast Region charge on your credit card statement per membership. 


Junior Membership Options:
If you are high-school aged or younger, you need some type of junior membership to participate in Gulf Coast Region events and programming. We offer junior membership options ranging from tryout memberships to full memberships to league memberships. We even offer a FREE youth membership for kids under the age of 8. Please contact your club director for more information.

Junior Full Memberships

  • Junior Membership - Girl Player - Cost $95.00
  • Junior Membership - Boy Player - Cost $75.00

Junior Grassroot Memberships

Valid November 15, 2022 to August 31, 2023, members in the following four Developmental/Grassroot categories can only practice and train with their clubs and only members in the 8U Free, 9-10 Youth, and 11-12 Developmental can play in Gulf Coast Region Grassroot events. Developmental players 13 and older may only train. For more information, contact your club director. 

  • Ages 8 & Under Membership - Cost - FREE
  • Ages 9-10 Youth Membership - Cost - $30.00
  • Ages 11-12 Developmental Membership - Cost - $55.00

Fall Academy/League Membership - Cost $50.00

  • Valid September 1 until October 31st.
Junior Tryout Membership - Cost $25.00
  • Valid October 17 to December 15, 2022, must upgrade to regular junior member once selected by a club cost of upgrade is $95.00 girls, $75.00 boys. The tryout fee is not deducted from the full junior membership. 

Adult Membership Options:
If you are out of high school and want to participate in Gulf Coast Region events, you will need to select one of our adult membership options. Some adult memberships also require a Background screen. Please contact your club director or our office for more information. 

Adult Memberships

  • Adult Membership Junior Coach- Cost $75.00 
  • Adult Membership Junior Chaperone- Cost $65.00
  • Adult Membership Junior Club Director - Cost $75.00
  • Region Staff Membership - Cost $85.00
  • Region Officiating Membership- Cost $85.00 

Adult Background Screen - Cost $50.00 (every other year)

  • The above memberships require an adult background screen. 

Adult Players

  • Adult Founders Club Membership - Cost $35.00
    • More information coming soon


Updated 9.21.22