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If you have never registered in the Gulf Coast Region of USA Volleyball, or any other region of USA Volleyball, you will need to register as a new member. Be sure you know what membership you need BEFORE starting the application process. 

If you are unsure of which junior membership type, please contact your Club Director. For more information on types of memberships and fees, see the Membership Types and Fees link.

Note: There will be a separate USAV and Gulf Coast Region charge on your credit card statement per membership purchased. 

Steps for registering new members to the Gulf Coast Region

  1. Create a Sports Engine Account (if applicable), Create Sports Engine Account link
    • You only need to create a single SE account per family. Create the account using a parent/ guardian information, DO NOT use the player's info. This only applies to junior members. 
    • When creating your new SE account, please make sure you enter contact information that is unique to your family. Duplicating personal and contact information in multiple SE accounts will cause delays in the processing of your registration. 
    • *Important* If you already have a Sports Engine account from another Region/Sport/Organization you do not need to create a new Sports Engine account. You can use your existing SE login and use the link in Step 2. 
  2. Complete your Gulf Coast Region USAV membership registration using the GCR/USAV Registration link.
    • The registration process does not allow you to complete your GCR USAV registration within your Sports Engine account. You will have to use the GCR/USAV Registration link to complete the registration. 
    • To work correctly, ensure you are logged in to your SE account. Then use the registration link. 
  3. Accept invitation from your club.
    • At some point after you have completed the registration form and paid your fees, you may receive an invitation on Sports Engine from your Club. You must accept the invitation to fully complete the registration process and join your team. 
  4. Complete additional GCR/USAV paperwork thru your club. 
    • Medical Forms (juniors)
    • Code of Conduct


Updated 8.14.23