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Grass Roots is a developmental level of training for ages 5 through 12.   Many of our region clubs have started either a Volleytots or Grassroots program. The Grassroots competition season starts typically in January and cumulates with the Grassroots Championship the night before GCR Regional Championships in April. 

2024 Grassroots schedule now posted, please see below.
Updated Rules of play, see below. 



2024 GCR Grassroots Schedule

Below is the current Gulf Coast Region Grassroots schedule. Most tournaments are held in conjunction with other GCR Region Tournaments. 

  • Enter teams either via AES or contact Host
  • Entry fee $50 per team

2024 Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Location Time Host Contact
26-Nov Southern Elite Saraland, AL 1:00 PM Southern Elite
8- Dec Volley- Jolley Mobile, AL 5:45 PM GCR
7- Jan Hall of Fame Elberta HS 2:30 PM GCR
14-Jan Riviera Classic Elberta HS 2:30 PM GCR
19-Jan LAV Invite OWA 5:30 PM LAV
21-Jan GCR Grassroot Series Foley HS 10:00 AM PIVC
27-Jan GCR Grassroot Series University of Mobile 8:00 AM Southern Elite
4-Feb Storm Invite Elberta MS 2:00 PM Storm/GCR
10-Feb GCR Grassroot Series Foley HS 1:00 PM PIVC
18-Feb Gulf Coast Classic OWA 3:00 PM PIVC/Dolphin VBC
1-Mar March Madness OWA 5:30 PM ESVC/GCR
10-Mar Wavefest UWF 2:00 PM West FL Waves
10- Mar Baldwin County VBC Fairhope MS 1:00 pm BCVC
16-Mar Biloxi Open Biloxi, MS 10:00 AM PIVC/Mobile Storm
22-Mar Spring Fling OWA 5:30 PM LAV
23- Mar GCR Grassroot Series Foley HS 10:00 AM PIVC
12-Apr Battle of the Bay OWA 5:30 PM ESVC
26-Apr Grassroots Championships Mobile Convention 5:45 PM GCR

Rules of Play

To host a Grassroot Event you must have two courts - one net that will play at 7 feet for the 10-11-12’s and one net that will play at 6 foot 6 inches for the 8-9’s. 

GCR Grassroot Tournament Rules of Play

In all levels of Grassroots play the most important rule of play is “HAVE FUN!!”.
Second is to provide equal playing opportunity to each participant.


Gulf Coast Region Grassroot basic rules of play

  1. Matches are played with two sets first to 25pts beginning at 4pts and second to 15 with no side switch at 8 pts. While it is important that players learn to court transition technique of side switches between matches until we get by the COIVD era of today there will be NO side switches during play.
  2. A server may come up to net as close as required to serve in order to be successful but no closer than the spike line (3 meters). We want the rally to be determined by playing the ball and not by a serve error by too great a distance from net by these young servers. Each time a server is successful they
    MUST take a BIG step back prior to next serve attempt. It is the job of the coach and the official to instruct the player to do so, in the spirit of this rule. A player that is capable of serving over the net from the endline should certainly be positioned there on initial serve.

  3. There is not positional substitution but rather a coach determines the location their team players enters and exists the court so all players get equal playing time. Must keep the same serving order for all players (like a batting order)
  4. Grassroot Officials will be very liberal with ball handling as to allow the rally to continue.
  5. Grassroot Officials will not call minor net violation or center line violations unless there is interference/safety concern or the players contacts the net and the net has a obvious bow in it.
  6. Grassroot Officials will call from the R2 position so greater interaction can occur with the work duty team and teams that are playing.
  7. All Grassroot teams assigned work duty will keep a scoresheet (header, line up, running score) teach your grassroot players to get this far on the scoresheet…..if they can keep exist scores and a complete sheet that is great, provide flippers, and 2 linespersons……alternate job so all players can experience
    each admin job of the work duty team…..the linesperson will call with flags if available but will use hand signals in making the proper calls if flags are not available.

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